Engineering Expert Witness
G. Fred Liebkemann IV, P.E.
Mechanical Engineer & Expert Witness
G. Fred Liebkemann IV, P.E. is a mechanical engineer and an experienced designer and analyst of heavy machinery and structures.  Mr. Liebkemann’s services have been retained more than 150 times by attorneys in matters involving cranes, rigging, forklifts, oilfield drilling and production equipment, pile driving, scaffolding, personnel access equipment, shipboard systems and facilities, automotive and commercial truck equipment failure, amusement rides, and manual lifting.
(985) 781-2571
Consultant fee                                                                                                         $200.00 per hour
(document review, report preparation & time spent in conference)

Inspections                                                                                                                $200.00 per hour

Court Attendance or
Court Testimony, minimum                                                                                  $1600.00 per day
            Over 8.0 hours                                                                                              $200.00 per hour

Deposition Testimony                                                                                            $600.00 minimum
            Over 3.0 hours                                                                                             $200.00 per hour                                      
Retainer Fee                                                                                                             $800.00
(required prior to commencement of work - credited to account)

Auto Travel                                                                                                               $0.80 per mile

Out of pocket expenses are charged at cost.

Charges are calculated on a portal to portal basis.

Drafting, animation, and model building services are invoiced based on a rate of $50 per hour.

Please call for quotations on 3D printing services.

Payment of invoices is expected on a monthly basis.  Maximum legal interest will be charged on overdue accounts.

Remit to:                  G. Fred Liebkemann IV, P.E.
                                    102 Legendre Drive
                                    Slidell, LA  70460